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The Wedding Singer 婚禮歌手













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Vol 1

01"Video Killed the Radio Star" (originally performed by The Buggles)
02"Do You Really Want to Hurt Me", performed by Boy George
03"Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic", performed by The Police
04"How Soon Is Now?", performed by The Smiths
05"Love My Way", performed by The Psychedelic Furs
06"Hold Me Now", performed by Thompson Twins
07"Every Day I Write the Book", performed by Elvis Costello
08"White Wedding", performed by Billy Idol
09"China Girl", performed by David Bowie
10"Blue Monday", performed by New Order
11"Pass the Dutchie", performed by Musical Youth
12"Have You Written Anything Lately?"
13"Somebody Kill Me", written by Adam Sandler and Tim Herlihy, performed by Adam Sandler
14"Rapper's Delight" (medley), performed by Sugarhill Gang and Ellen Dow


01"Too Shy", performed by Kajagoogoo
02"It's All I Can Do", performed by The Cars
03"True", performed by Spandau Ballet
04"Space Age Love Song", performed by A Flock of Seagulls
05"Private Idaho", performed by The B-52's
06"Money (That's What I Want)", performed by Flying Lizards
07"You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)", performed by Dead or Alive
08"Just Can't Get Enough", performed by Depeche Mode
09"Love Stinks", performed by The J. Geils Band
10"You Make My Dreams", performed by Hall & Oates
11"Holiday", performed by Madonna
12"Grow Old With You", written by Adam Sandler and Tim Herlihy, performed by Adam Sandler





"Grow Old With You" 和妳白頭到老

Billy Idol (Speaking):

Good afternoon everyone.We're flying at 26,000 feet, movingup to thirty thousand feet,

and then we've got clear skiesall the way to Las Vegas,

and right now we're bringin you some in-flightentertainment.

One of our first-class passengers has written a songinspired by one of our coach passenger,

and since we let our first-classpassengers do pretty much whatever they want, here he is.

Robbie Hart BY 亞當山德勒(Singing):  中譯 吉兒P

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
每當妳感到難過時, 我會逗妳笑
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
當妳關節炎疼的厲害時, 我可以背著妳四處跑
All I wanna do is grow old with you
我唯一想要做的事, 就是和妳一起白頭到老

I'll get you medicine when your tummy aches
當妳肚子痛時, 我會幫妳把藥備好
Build you a fire when the furnace breaks
當壁爐故障時, 我會升起火堆不讓妳冷到
O, it could be so nice
噢, 那將會是多麼美好
Growing old with you

I'll miss you, kiss you
我會想念妳, 親吻妳
Give you my coat when you are cold
當妳覺得冷時, 我會把我的外套給妳
Need you, feed you
我需要妳, 也會滿足妳
Even let you hold the remote control

Let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
讓我站在我們廚房的洗碗槽前, 把碗全都洗乾淨
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
當妳喝得太多時, 讓我將妳送進被窩裡安憩
O, I could be the man
噢, 或許我能夠成為
Who grows old with you?

I wanna grow old with you
我想要和妳一起 白 . 頭 . 到 . 老


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